Today’s topic will be IF. The picture is totally random.
Mummy had Shabu-Shabu with her colleagues at Mizi the other day; leaving me, bro and dad to forage for food for ourselves. It’s a good time for me to eat whatever I want, coz my dad spoils me when it comes to food. (That’s why I’m so damn chubby).
So we went to a food court and I chose to have carbonara spaghetti. When the food came, I was sorely disappointed with the quality. And then the big IF question came to mind. IF I had chosen steak rice (which was RM2 cheaper anyway), I would’ve been happy, satisfied and enjoying my meal, instead of unhappy, unsatisfied, and not enjoying my meal. I couldn’t order again because I was full, and I couldn’t turn back time to order the other item on the menu either.
This simple incident made me think about the IFS that have been so far, in the nearly 20 years of my life. We make many choices growing up, but not all those choices will be great. Sometimes we look back and think, IF I had done this back then, what would the outcome be?
IF hubby and I hadn’t gotten together, how would it have been?
Would he find a girlfriend in college? Probably we wouldn’t be in the same college at all.
Would I have been single? Or would I have continued the self destructive lifestyle I had before I met him?
Well, no matter what IFS that we’ve gone through, I’m glad I made the choices I’ve made in life. They made me who I am today. No regrets!
p.s: this is just a random nonsensical emo post.

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