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Updates: I-City Shah Alam


I’ve finally taken the time out to write a proper post! But that doesn’t mean I’m not busy okay ==
The hubbyness. We went to watch a movie.


Went to I-City in Shah Alam. It’s a place with a lot of light-shaped trees and whatnot. There are supposed to be shoplots too, but most of them aren’t open yet. The place was packed because it was Chap Goh Mei and they had some event going on.


Peacock-shaped light.


The forest of light trees. It was very dazzling and bright and people with epileptic reactions should not visit this place.

dsc01807 dsc01809

When we were in the car, everyone felt dizzy and we had to go back and sleep. Haha! Probably caused by the lights. Mum and I have astig, which means that our eyes are sensitive to light. That doesn’t make me a vampire.

Random: It was raining cats and dogs yesterday, and hubby and I were in the Star LRT going back to Bukit Jalil when suddenly the train stopped at the platform. The lights went off. Passengers started fidgeting because the air-cond shut down and it was really stuffy… suddenly the air ducts opened and spewed a nasty gas (like carbon monoxide or the smell you get when your engine is burning) so everyone had to cover their noses. Thoughts that flashed through my mind at that moment: OMG!

A few passengers pulled the emergency bar and prised the door open. There was almost a stampede as people pushed and shoved to get out quickly. It was a little scary, but an interesting experience. I reached home at 9pm. O-O The Star LRT is old. They should upgrade to a better train.


Mummy, Jenny, Shirlyn and Mabel made me into a guinea pig the other day by applying make up on me lol. Yes, I’m a girl and I don’t put make up on, it isn’t a crime, you know! It’s not a crime not to have baby oil or toner at home too xD

Mummy had me look up and not blink while she was applying the mascara (? eyeliner? I don’t even know) and it made my eyes water so hard I couldn’t stand it haha. Once in awhile is fun but not everyday. I don’t know how some girls can put makeup everyday to college; it feels like having a layer of cake on your face.
I’m tired to do anything these days. Moodless. XD Now I need to stop procrastinating and get back to work. Toodles!

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