I am currently procrastinating from doing my assignment(s) by telling some lameeee jokes.

1) Contrary to popular belief, serious looking dads such as my papi can actually tell jokes. albeit, syok sendiri ones. case in point:

The family was in the car going somewhere.
Bro: I don’t want the name “Cyrus” oredi. What do you suggest?
Me: I dunno. Caleb? Andrew?
Dad: Why don’t you call yourself ‘Pika’? (proceeds to laugh all by himself while awkward silence)


Okay, what’s so funny about this joke?

My surname is Choo, you see. So Pika + Choo = Pikachu. Get it?

2) Mothers think that their jokes are extremely funny, although they’re usually extremely lame. This may also apply to certain dads in some cases.

Mum: How many letters are there in the alphabet?
Me: 26 la lol.
Mum: If ET flew away, how many are left?
Me: huh? *blur* 24 la.
Mum: No la, 21.
Me: Er why
Mum: coz ET sit in UFO ma. *proceedds to laugh by herself while another crow flies by the scene.*

3) Do not use SMS language while telling jokes. It’ll spoil the joke. XD

Me: (SMS) How many letters are there in the alphabet?
Hubby: 26
Me: If ET flew away, how many R left?
Hubby : ( Very selamba) 1 la.
Me: *Confused* Why ?
Hubby: You ask me if ET flew away, how many letter R left ma. Alphabet oni got 1 R wat.
Me: (no mood to joke anymore)

Ahaha. That’s all for now. I need to go find arguments for IR. Although basically I don’t care what happens if the state is the main actor in international relations, or if the state wants to be Angelina Jolie…

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