Third Semester

The third sem is really crazy.
1. Prepare IR tutorial presentation. ‘Lucky’ to get first. Whooopeee
2. IR Assignment framework
3. Every week, read up stuff about Malaysia and its international relations. For someone who is totally ‘sesat’ who doesn’t even know who Ban Ki Moon until recently (why am I in Journalism?), this is equivalent to weekly mental torture. Haha. Politics was bad enough the last two semesters.
3. Culture Assignment
All this in six weeks. Since first week passed, I feel like want to mati. This Thursday, I have class from 8 a to 6pm, which means that I have to get up at 530am and reach home at 830pm. I’m out of the house for more than 15 hours straight. Gila. And I’ll be seeing the same tutor for six hours in a day. Not that I don’t like her, but you spend six hours with one person you also sien la, correct mou?
I don’t think I’ll be updating so much because I’ll be so super busy. I actually have a few posts pending (I went to watch Book of Eli, which was a zzz film) but I feel so energy-less to update. Next time first ya.

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