Maggi Tom Yum / 1Puchong Cafe

“Super bored of studying,” I tell Kuro, my stuffed pig. You know you’re really losing it when you start talking to your stuffed pig.


“Maybe you should take a break!” replies Kuro, grabbing my pencil away from me.
You know you’re really, REALLY losing it when your stuffed pig starts talking back to you. Lol.
Drove out to 99 Speedmart amid the rain and thunder…
…Looking for this!
Nothing like a hot cup of Maggi Tom Yam during a rainy cold night to keep your stomach warm and satisfied.


And then it’s back to work.


Went to check out the new food court in Puchong the other day. It’s called 1Puchong cafe and has an open air concept. The place was rather cramped though and packed with lots of people out for the weekend.

dsc00904-copy dsc00907-copy

Had Vietnamese lemongrass chicken rice. At RM6.90, it was quite reasonable as the portion (both the rice and the whole chicken thigh) was huge. It was tasty too; the chicken meat was very tender and the grilled, slightly charred skin was crisp and full of flavour. It was a little too oily though, and I couldn’t finish it.

Two more papers to go: Photojournalism and Public Relations. And then its two weeks holiday to Chinese New Year. This year’s CNY falls on Valentines day, which is a bummer. Maybe the Boyfie and I can celebrate a belated Valentines.


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