Milk and chocolate strawberry cake and cheese baked spaghetti.

Went shopping for hubby’s shirt today at Times Square after my Translation exam. And I dumped mummy for hubby. XD Well.. I didn’t know that mummy wanted to ask me some more questions… I thought she already finished asking. Very sorry le Mummy! 😛


Lunch at Sek Hou Cafe in Times Square. It serves different varieties of fusion cuisine, including both Western and Chinese style dishes. Hubs ordered the soy sauce chicken with wonton noodles. The chicken was tender and the soy sauce wasn’t overly salty, so I liked it. But hubs said the chicken was too tender. >-< He prefers chicken with no bones, like the breast part. Coz he’s lazy to chew. Pemalas. 😀


My cheese baked seafood spaghetti. It took forever to serve. Hubby was already almost finished by the time it came. And the spaghetti tasted awfullllllly funny. Bad. I didn’t even finish it because it tasted like it seeped into the aluminimum foil. Nope, not coming back here to have this.


Chocolate strawberry cake for dessert at Secret Recipe. The strawberry reminds me of…… congealed blood. Like period blood. XD Seriously. Yes I’m gross. So sue me.


I think I can’t stomach milk anymore. NOOOOOOOOO….. T____T

Milk is my all time fave, but lately I kept having stomachaches whenever I drank milk, and my stomach will start making weird sloshing sounds. Today after this vanilla milkshake, I had a big one and had to rush to the toilet. Twice. Is it a sign that I’m growing old? My body can’t take milk anymore. *cries

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