Of pineapple tarts, red saga seeds and shopping sessions.


Made pineapple tarts.

The bro’s elaborate shit-shaped pineapple tart. Ewww. It’s gross, but you have to give it to him for managing to come up with such a weird creation…


First batch of cookies in all sorts of weird shapes.


Tried to make a human-shaped one and it got ‘decapitated’ by accident. Wheee !


Didn’t want to be stingy with filling!

The tarts came out okay and we ate most of them within the day.


Went jogging at Bandar Putri Townpark this morning. Saw a lot of red saga seeds and picked some up for decoration. I’m planning to put them in a little glass bottle. But its still too little to fill it up yet. When there’s a chance I’ll go and pick more. 🙂


Went shopping at Sunway Pyramid for New Year clothes today. After the whole pickpocket fiasco a few weeks ago (mum lost rm300) we were careful to keep our wallets as close to our butts as possible.


Lunch! RM Cafe.
Chicken spaghetti. They were supposed to charge me RM12.90 (for this measly serving of spaghetti and a very small piece of fried chicken patty! overpriced gilerrr!) but when the bill came it was only 9.90. which I’m taking the cashier mistakenly entered the wrong amount. oh well. I’m not complaining. XD

I’m supposed to be studying for exams on the 15th, but now like holiday mood ed. haha!


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