Kim Gary’s Sungei Wang & Cirque du Freak

It’s Thursday! And another day closer to exams. T__T
First of all: Happy 20th birthday to – Kyle Foong and Fiona Lim, and a Happy 21st to Shirlyn Stephen, my awesome classmate. You can legally enter casinos now. Woohoo! 😛
After Photojournalism Class (which only a dismal seven people attended), decided to go Sungei Wang with the Hubby. Lunch at Kim Gary’s I didn’t know that they had one there! That’s because it’s tucked in a little corner of the place. But it’s a good find. 🙂
My Macau-style pork chop burger (chu pa bau) ! The original Macau version has no other ingredients other than a juicy, tender piece of pork and two lightly toasted buns. It was so good I had it four times during my trip to Macau xD
It’s hard to find the exact same taste here, but Kim Gary’s version is actually nice. They did modify it a little to include cucumber, tomato slices and mayo though. The serving was quite filling.
If you’re not as rich as Oprah (who can fly to another state just to have her fill of Krispy Kreme donuts!) and can’t fly over to Macau to have your pork chop bun fix, then maybe you can drive over to Kim Gary’s in Sungai Wang. Highly recommended 😀
Hubby’s Kap Chan noodles. Hubs said it was nice, but I didn’t try it. It’s basically noodles, fried egg, vegetables and luncheon meat. Looks like Cintan 😀
For snacks: Cheese baked chicken wings. Tasted okay but not great. The chicken wing was rather… small. Maybe 7/10?
Drink: Hot honey milk. The honey tasted weird… like cheap honey you squirt from bottles at big potlucks and BBQ parties. When mixed with milk, it gave a peculiar taste of… corn.
Overall –
Food: 8/10
Drinks: 3/10
Service: 7/10
G083 & 84, Sungei Wang Plaza,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Opening hours (Daily): 10AM-10PM
Tel: +603 2144 8113
Went to watch Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. It was out since Dec 31 so I guess I’m pretty late in watching it. The trailer looked promising enough so hubby and I decided to watch this instead of Paranormal Activity.
The very adorable girl at the counter told us that only premium seats were available at the moment. It cost a little extra (RM13). We had nothing else to do anyway, so… roll out!
The premiere waiting area was a bit different from the commoner’s one. They have a little lounge where you can rest and order drinks and snacks from a snack bar. Quite canggih lah, katakan. 
Premiere class. With lots of couple seats where you can pull back the bothersome arm rest in between and snuggle next to your significant other while munching on popcorn, drinking coke and enjoying your movie. Horror movies would be great to enjoy in Premiere Class, if you get my drift.
So how was the movie?
Cirque Du Freak is two words.
Cirque Du Freak is actually part of a series of books by Darren Shan called the Vampire Blood Trilogy, and CDF is just the first part of it. Trust Hollywood to bank in on trilogies you’d have to ‘chase’ like HK dramas = fat paychecks. The premise of the story is promising. It’s quite original (I haven’t read the books and therefore can’t compare them) but the story just drags on and on. No heart stopping action.
Darren and Steven are best friends. Darren and Steven go to a freak show called CDF. Darren gets turned into a half-vampire. Steven does not. So Steven gets really pissed and joins the Vampaneze (full-fledged, bloodthirsty vampires), while Darren becomes one of the vampire clan who only needs to suck a little blood and doesn’t have to kill his victims. They are part of a prophecy that pits the two clans together. Each leads one clan in an all-out war that would lead to some type of wipe out of humanity otherwise. Yadayadayada.
The characters are interesting: there’s a bearded woman, a snake boy Evra (I think he’s cute ^^) a guy with two bellies, a woman who can regenerate her limbs. and a guy with a waist so tiny it would put the corset wearing ladies in the olden days to shame. But interesting characters were just not enough to save the show. It started at 2.30PM, ended at 4PM. 1/12 hours of boredom. Little action. Darren is basically a nitwit with no personality. So nuh-uh. Will not be watching the sequel to this.
And a new necklace. RM12. Very nice and tribal. Hubby got one too.
Here’s an interesting bit.
Me: I wore mine already. Why don’t you wear yours?
Hubs: I don’t want la.
Me: *mumbles* Really don’t understand what a girl wants. Hmph.
Hubs: What are you mumbling about?
Me: Why do you think I bought a necklace just like yours?
Hubby: Coz you want to wear it together ma.
Me: Ya lah. You know but you don’t want to wear it.
Hubs: But I don’t want to (Puts on the papaya face).
Cis. Men say they don’t understand women. I don’t understand men at all. >-<  Is it that hard to wear a little necklace to please your gf and shut her up for a few minutes until she starts up about something else? Hmph.

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