Of extravagant proms, hair and LRTs.

Woke up late today ! The feeling is great! XD
Read the newspaper while having breakfast, and came across this interesting article about high school proms in Selangor and KL.
“Some…spent over RM5,000 on their prom dress alone, while some guys rented fancy cars (one of which was a Hummer!) so they could pick up their dates and friends, and arrive at the end-of-school celebration in style.”
I don’t remember any guys driving Hummers to my high school prom. Hubs didn’t even pick me up because we haven’t gotten driving licenses yet.
Our prom was organised by students and was held at Cititel – each person paid about RM80 for it. I definitely didn’t know anyone who spent RM5,000.
Dress: RM100
Shoes: RM50
Buffet: RM80
Bag: RM30
Makeup: RM30
Accessories: RM20
Total: RM310
I miss my short hair. Should I cut it? I had this habit of chopping my hair off shorter and hsorter when I was in secondary school. Hubs once commented (before he became hubs): “Everytime I see you your hair seems to get shorter” xD
Pros of Short Hair: 
-Easy to maintain. I’d probably spend less than three minutes washing and rinsing my hair vs 5-7 minutes now. And mum would be so happy coz she says I take baths that last forever.
-Easy to comb. My long hair is always in a mess, I don’t know why. It just likes sticking up like Harry Potter’s hair. With short hair messy is good. 😉
Cons of Short Hair: 
-I’ve gotten used to long hair. I’ll bet my neck will feel naked without the hair to cover it.
-Hair is a great source of warmth when in air conditioned rooms.
-Hubby likes to play with long hair. What guy doesn’t?
Still have to decide.. I’m lazy to go to the hairstylist!

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