This Car is on Fire


While Charlie, Mabel and I were going back to college after lunch the other day, we saw a truck stop at the side of the road, right next to our vehicle. The engine started spewing a lot of smoke, blinding all the other drivers of vehicles behind it. Traffic came to a sudden stand still. The truck disappeared in its own smoke; huge clouds of it rising up into the air.


Charlie: OMG! What is happening?

Me: *Whips out phone and starts taking pictures*

Mabel: Oi, why are you taking pictures! *turns to Charlie* Should we call the police or something? What’s wrong with the truck?

Charlie: *Panicked* Why are all the cars stopping!


Charlie: Why is the guy still pressing the accelerator?

Mabel: Maybe he fainted in it and his foot got caught !

Me: Is it on fire?

Charlie: Don’t joke lah! Our car is right next to it!


Me: If it explodes, we’re all gonna die.

Charlie: Can you not say this kind of thing while we’re so near to it!


Finally, the smoke dispersed. The truck seemed okay, and the cars started moving too. Hm, wonder what happened.
And that was our bit of excitement for the day. xD


Daisuki (English Version). The cover is so pretty! But I already have the Malay version T-T


This is an eraser ~ believe? Hubs bought it. It’s an art eraser with the texture of plasticine.

Tried to mold it into a pig, but it came out looking like a cow/turtle/pig hybrid instead.

PS: Today I almost had a heart attack because I couldn’t find my wallet when I got to college. My IC and license were in it too! Luckily I found it at home. I left it somewhere and I forgot about it. Big head prawn.

PS2: The H1n1 virus is getting worse, and it’s all over the place! Heard from Pops that WHO predicts that 30% of the world population will die from the disease (which is about 2bil people!) Maybe what Nostradamus and the Mayans say are true… that the world is going to end in 2012.

Anyway, people should take proper precautions to prevent themselves from falling sick.

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