Quickie Entry

Hi! Just sneaked online for a quickie – I’ve been hogging the computer lately (coz there’s nothing to do at home) so my mum’s pretty annoyed. “You think your glasses not thick enough ar?”


Dad made this with the leftover flour my mum didn’t use for the cake yesterday. His specialty? Meen fun gui (made from frying flour into patties and dipping them into a sauce). The sauce is the result of stir-frying anchovies, onions and garlic. Really nice, and it’s a family recipe XD


My youngest aunt bought this for me. She actually bought Children of Hurin ( by JRR Tolkien) for me since she knows I’m a fanatic – but then I already had that book so she exchanged it for something else.
I usually hate anything with a pink cover, but I decided to give this a shot. The first quarter of the book is okay so I guess it should be alright.
My not so cluttered desk. Includes nail polish, box of presents by hubby for Valentine’s, my sketch book, a comb, a notepad, a souvenir from my cute junior Li Teeng, nail polish remover and a moon cake box housing all my accessories and whatnot.
Had the mood to sketch today, so I just drew something. On other days my sketches look really cacat.
Since my aunt was staying for dinner, mum made this: roast chicken šŸ˜€
Drizzled with honey sauce. yum ~
That’s all for this quickie. Toodles šŸ™‚


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