Window Shopping

Went to buy a dictionary at Popular in IOI today. Went window shopping as well. Tried out some clothes at Nichii. There are lots of nice ones but I don’t think they’re very suitable for college as the clothes are mostly for mature ‘working class’ ladies. I like loose flowy skirts, but they’re really hard to wash. xD


Lunch was at Wai Heen Claypot Restaurant in Bandar Putri (opposite Putri Wet Mart). The lou shee fun is very aromatic coz they use a lot of lard, but it’s absolutely fattening.


Went to snoop… I mean, look around a shop selling pots, pans and stuff. Apart from selling to usual walk-in customers, they also supply to restaurants and hotels. Look at this fat round mug, perfect for a cold day with steamy hot chocolate.



A pumpkin-shaped soup tureen?


Tiny milk jug. So cute!


Ceramic bowl. The Chinese usually use it to make Double-boiled soup. Tastes Extra yummy!


Can anyone tell me what this is?


Dinner was at Mian Tui Mian (Face to Face) at Bandar Putri (next to Giant), which is famous for PanMee. I think its the sister outlet of Ai Mian Zi near Wangsa Maju LRT. The waiter was cute. Above is my honey milk 🙂 First time drinking this combo. It was heady xD


Dry curry pan mee.

The food was so-so. I was too busy looking at the cute waiter *just kidding; hubs don’t get mad ya*

I havent’ started on my assignment for my Mass Media and Society subject. Lazy. Maybe I’ll start panicking tomorrow. haha

Goodnight !

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