Things that Make You Laugh

Sorry. Life has been really uneventful lately. No happenings. No kejadian yang mengempar dunia. So this post is kinda nonsensical, coz I don’t know what else to write.


Welcome to the era of instantness.

I wonder what the bakers in the past would think if they knew how convenient it is to bake a cake nowadays. No more hassle mixing and measuring so many ingredients to create that perfect mix. What you do is pop in at the supermarket and get one of these babies in the pic. Chocolate cake mix, vanilla cake mix, cupcake mix, brownies or cookies mix, take your pick. It’s THAT easy. Even a kitchen wrecker like me can make a decent cake with the convenience of the above ready made mixes.



Restaurants should hire proof readers for their menus. Like this vegetarian restaurant I went to recently (the food was so-so).


* roster mutton *

Earlier I saw a Shabu-Shabu steamboat buffet in Bandar Putri with a banner over the entrance, in big bold letters, “Home Cooker Food.”



Went to the ‘Bake with Yen’ bakery shop in Bandar Putri to get stuff for cake baking session. *the kitchen always look like the ruins of some bombed city after I’m done*
Look at the cute teddy molds. Perfect for chocolate cookies!


Cupcakes in a variety of colours.


Artificial flowers for deco.


And a huge chunk of white chocolate for cooking. Yum.
I’ll post again when the cake is done. xD

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