Room for Imagination

Holiday ~ And couldn’t even sleep longer coz my parents had this sudden crazy urge to go jogging at Bukit Jalil =.=”. So I had to follow.
Walking halfway through and it started to rain so we ran back to the car. Then went for breakfast at Happy Garden in OUG (Dim sum!) before heading to Parkson for shopping. Bought a couple of pants and a T-shirt. 🙂 Sadly, my white shirt from Nichii (the one with ‘born to the 80s alive’) somehow wound up in the washing machine and tore. T-T. It was my favourite shirt.
Yesterday I was so bored and looking at some cutouts in my scrapbook, and I saw this design by Beatrice Looi from KL Fashion Week 2006. So I just drew and modified it a bit. xD
dsc04145-copy dsc04146-copy
The famous Tong Kee pastry shop in Sri Petaling. It’s egg tarts are very famous 😀 People buy them by the tray-ful and the kitchen continuously churns out new batches. Unfortunately I couldn’t get pictures of them because the place was too crowded. There is a cosy space where people can rest and enjoy their puffs and tarts.
Lovely cakes. Mum said I am to get her one for her birthday.
Shirt from O Reef. RM30.
Dark brown cargo pants from Diesel.
Black cargo pants from Cartoon World.

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