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Shoes / Shabu Shabu Train Japanese Steamboat

Woke up *very* reluctantly at 5.30am. College lecture at 8.30am. Boring… == Good thing I was going shopping after that. If not I also malas want to get up.

Finished at 10 and met hubs at LRT. Took it to Dang Wangi and monorailed from there to Times Square. It was early and we had lots of free time, so we went to sing K at 12.30. There’s a complete set of karaoke joints around the shopping area. Neway in Times Square, Red Box in Low Yat and Green Box in Sungai Wang.


The room that they gave us was super huge. And only the two of us in it xD

Picked The Cranberries ‘Zombie’ twice and hubs laughed at me. — Sang loudly and out of pitch until the walls could have burst. After a lot of singing, two rounds of complementary drinks and many toilet breaks later, we went for lunch at Shabu-Shabu Train Steamboat Restaurant. 

dsc00893-copy dsc04085-copy

My chicken soup base. Hubby’s tom yam base was better – spicy and tangy.


Hub’s set had carrots, star-shaped fish paste, fried foochok (beancurd), hot dogs, needle mushrooms, veges.


My seafood set had meat, fish noodles, soft tofu, clams, shrimp and oysters.


These adorable fishballs… I mean stars look like evil little aliens!


Cooked mussel.


Rained so we went home. Here is my purchase. My super hot shoes. I love them!

Here’s something funny: the salesgirl where I bought the shoes didn’t understand English or Malay. I think she was Vietnamese. I told her I wanted a bigger size and she kept taking smaller and smaller sizes for me
The shoes are a combo of my three favourite colours too. A steal at RM70.
Planning to get a pair of shoes from Bulubulu Studios. They have all kinds of funky and colourful designs for their sneakers. Shoe lovers, I highly recommend you visit their blog at bulubulustudio.blogspot.com 🙂
Hey, who knows. I might be the next Malaysian Imelda Marcos 😀


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