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1. What is your name : Eris C
2. A four Letter Word :Eris
3. A boy’s Name :Jayden
4. A girl’s Name :Eris
5. An occupation : Student
6. A color :Black
7. Something you’ll wear :clothes
8. (No Question? Anything I like! HAHA.) : erm.
9. A food : chocolate!!
10. Something found in the bathroom or your bag : huh? Er. tissue.
11. A place : Egypt
12. A reason for being late : Alarm didnt ring
13. Something you’d shout :YESSSS
14. A movie title : Dawn of the dead
15. Something you drink : milkshake
16. A musical group : The cranberries
17. An animal : puppy
18. A street name : Jalan Telawi
19. A type of car : Ferrari
20. The title of a song :zombie-the cranberries
nobody .

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