First and foremost, Happy Birthday to the following people in the month of March :
*My Grandpa (83)
*Aunty Kuan (the big 50! Lol)
*Mabel(sweet 18)
*Chun fei (19)
Went back to Ipoh for grandpa’s birthday celebration during the weekend. The family had decided to hold a buffet-style dinner at home (ordered from caterers) since grandpa is old and couldn’t possibly wait at the restaurant sitting all day coz his back hurts him.
Grandpa cutting the cake. It was supposed to be cheese chocolate, but somehow the icing was grey O.O
Also celebrated Auntie Kuan’s 50th birthday and Cousin Yee’s farewell dinner. She’s going back to Perak after working in KL for awhile.
It’s Mabel’s birthday tomorrow. I bought her something, but hubby managed to drop it onto the floor while we were waiting for the bus and smashed it. -.-” So I have to go buy again tomorrow. Apalah hubby. lol.

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