Early Valentine’s / Last Post til Next Week


The boy and I are celebrating our 2nd Valentine’s Day together! ๐Ÿ™‚ Guess what he got me?


Kuro-chan –ย *its new name from today onwards* – a soft plush handphone holder, and mini teddy handphone chain.


Assorted couple keychains. Aw hubs is so sweet


U-Bowl bowling alley at 1Utama

And the winner is ~ ME! Muahahaha!
Actually we were both noobs, we didn’t even score over 150 between us.


Went to try out Korea Bbq Chicken. The appetizer was a petite cup of mushroom soup (RM3). It was relly creamy and rich, but come on, 3 bucks? It didn’t even come in a bowl and was smaller than the mug I have at home wtf.


Popcorn chicken: Bite-sized, deep fried chicken that came in a container over a cup of Pepsi . It had two openings for straws. Good for sharing as a snack. The chicken wasn’t anything to shout about though. Kinda tasteless.
But the outlets claim to fry chicken the healthy way, by using olive oil.
* In my opinion, if its fried, it’s already unhealthy, so why bother with whatever oil la?* ๐Ÿ˜›



And this is the must try, the house specialty: Korean charbroiled.
The chicken is marinated in secret ingredients and spices and cooked using the good ol fashioned method, using charcoal, which really brings out the juice and the tenderness of the meat.
It has a nice sweetish-savoury taste to it, but not too overpowering.
At RM14.50, it comes with a serving of coleslaw and french fries.
I would definitely recommend this if you’re around here.
And for lazy people like the hubs, its hassle free coz it has been deboned~ XD


There was a valentines day sale in the main foyer so we went there and browsed through the booths. Bought two chocolate heart shaped lollies~ fairy light (milk chocolate with candy sprinkles) and white chocolate hearts, from the chocolate lounge booth at RM5.50 each.


Damn! i must realli work out this whole sem break ! I wanna fit into those nice looking shirts i saw today! T_T
*guilt added by eating chocolates and bbq-ed chicken today. sob*


Hub’s new ” look” for 2009 is more colourful instead of last years black and white XD


My new shirt from ROMP (haha, another one~ pelanggan setia ROMP)

Mum was actually laughing at the scarf thingy -.-” Ala~ it came with the shirt ma. Takkan you want to buang kot.
So now I am officially bankrupt.
All my angpau money fly bye bye ed.
Need to save again
b4 i go on my next shopping splurge for more clothes
Wishlist for this year: )
  • Tropicana Life /Wildlife Channel water bottle (the one with all the funky designs) –
  • A funky wallet
  • few more pairs of funky shorts
  • colourful patterned leggings
  • colourful patterned gloves
  • new pair of shoes
  • caps from tropicana/wild channel are so cool ๐Ÿ™‚
  • more shirts
giler tamak this perempuan.
i never imagined i would one day like shopping. i mean, i used to hate shopping with my mother ( still do, actually, coz we have such different tastes)
mayb its a sign im “turning”
into what?
zzz. good night.

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